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The day after a night out can be difficult, with a pounding headache, light sensitivity, nausea, and other painful hangover symptoms. In The Woodlands and Spring, Texas, Katherine Go, CRNA, provides customizable After Party IV Infusions to reduce hangover symptoms and help you bounce back. Call Rejuvenate IV Therapy or book an appointment online to learn more about hangover infusions today.

Hangover Q&A

What is a hangover?

A hangover is the collection of symptoms you get as you recover from a night of heavy drinking. The symptoms typically set in several hours after you’ve stopped drinking, so you usually don’t realize you have a hangover until the next day when you wake up. 


Hangover symptoms vary in intensity according to how much alcohol you drink and other factors like whether or not you stay hydrated throughout the evening. Your hangover might involve:


  • Headache
  • Vertigo
  • Fatigue or weakness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tremors
  • Sweating
  • Light or sound sensitivity
  • A rapid heart rate


You might have concentration problems throughout the day and feel like you’re running behind mentally. Some hangovers are severe enough to make you feel like you can’t get out of bed or leave the house. 

How does drinking alcohol cause hangovers?

If you get hangovers regularly, or just every so often, you might be wondering how alcohol causes them. You may be especially curious if you only get hangovers sometimes despite drinking roughly the same amount every time. 


Hangovers stem from the effects alcohol has on your body, which can include:


  • Dehydration
  • Diminishing electrolytes
  • Increasing inflammation
  • Disrupting the sleep cycle
  • Irritating the intestine


When you get a hangover, you’re experiencing a mild form of alcohol withdrawal. When the alcohol is no longer in effect on your mind, your nervous system must re-adjust itself back into a normal state without the calmness and euphoria that alcohol seems to provide. 

How can IV therapy treat a hangover?

Rejuvenate IV Therapy provides intravenous infusions that are formulated to reduce a hangover. Quick fixes like showering and large meals rarely provide relief, but IV therapy replenishes your electrolytes and hydrates you to help you recover faster. 


The After Party Infusion or Hangover IV is rich with electrolytes and B complex, and includes Toradol or Zofran to lower inflammation throughout your body. The infusion is also customizable, which means you can discuss your preferences with Katherine ahead of time so she can add other beneficial nutrients according to your hangover recovery needs. 


If you have hangovers after drinking and need a solution to get you back on track the next day, call Rejuvenate IV Therapy or schedule an infusion consultation online today. Mobile IV therapy is available at your home or office.