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If you experience flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, or other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you may benefit from the ketamine infusion therapies available at Rejuvenate IV Therapy. Katherine Go, CRNA, specializes in medically supervised ketamine infusions to provide rapid relief of PTSD symptoms, including thoughts of suicide. If antidepressants or other medications aren’t relieving your PTSD symptoms, call the office in Spring or The Woodlands, Texas, to learn more about the benefits of ketamine infusion therapy, or book a consultation online today.


What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that can develop after you witness or experience a traumatic event, such as a serious auto accident, physical abuse, or the death of a loved one.

Symptoms of PTSD can develop soon after the event or months or years later. These symptoms can include:

  • Guilt
  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Memory problems
  • Easy to startle
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities

Avoidance of people, places, or objects that remind you of the event may also be a side effect of PTSD.

For some, PTSD symptoms can be severe enough to interfere with their quality of life and the ability to work and meet responsibilities. Symptoms of PTSD can also worsen over time.

When should I seek treatment for PTSD?

You should seek medical attention right away if you have persistent PTSD symptoms. If not properly managed, PTSD can increase your risk for self-harm or suicide.

You can schedule a consultation at Rejuvenate IV Therapy if you’re undergoing treatment for PTSD, but traditional medications and psychotherapy aren't working well.

Katherine offers personalized ketamine infusion therapies to rapidly relieve symptoms of PTSD and improve your overall brain health.

How do ketamine infusions treat PTSD?

Ketamine is a surgical anesthetic, but in lower doses, can quickly relieve thoughts of suicide, anxiety, and other persistent PTSD symptoms. The medication works directly on your brain, increasing levels of glutamate. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that’s important for brain health and function, and having PTSD can lower your natural levels.

Infusions of ketamine also create new neural pathways in your brain, so you can enjoy lasting relief from PTSD symptoms in just a series of ketamine infusions.

Katherine delivers ketamine directly into your bloodstream through an IV line during an in-office treatment. Many people notice a significant reduction in their PTSD symptoms before their infusion is complete.

Side effects of ketamine infusions are minimal. However, you may experience nausea or feelings of detachment for several hours after your treatment. Katherine can provide medications to counter these effects, so you can function with more clarity and confidence.

To find out if ketamine infusion therapy is a treatment option for your PTSD symptoms, call the Rejuvenate IV Therapy office near you, or book an appointment online today.