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"I recommend this to anyone who need this type of therapy and Rejuvenate IV Therapy is where to get it."

Byron M.
"I plan on getting this same infusion next winter again! Thank you Kat for your recommendation!"

Audrey G.
"Overall this was a great experience and I felt great in the ensuing days! Highly recommend and I’ll definitely be back."

Rodney D.
"They are so sweet and caring as well as very knowledgeable in what our bodies need to stay healthy. I highly recommend to everyone, you will not be disappointed!"

Debra T.
"I left feeling much more "perky". Highly recommend. They give 20% off for new clients!"

Meghan B.
"Great staff and awesome service. Facilities are always neat and comfortable with a spa-like feel."

Lupita S.
"Katherine was very professional and engaging. I will see her every weekend this month for the Forever Young I.V. Therapy."

Sharon S. 
"They recommend IV boost that fit specific needs and had me feeling a million times better the same day"

David M.
"These girls are always so nice. You get free snacks, light hands so you never feel the iv, 0 complaints. Will recommend 100%"

Byron M.
"Calm and clean atmosphere. So nice to be cared for! Highly recommend!"

Cynthia S. 
"The treatments were enjoyable and I feel more optimistic about my future."

Stephanie H.
"My recovery time was faster and I regained my energy back. Thank you Rejuvenate IV Therapy!"

Jocelyn R.
"After the IV therapy me and my husband feel so great, energized. So happy that we discovered this place everything about this place is excellent!!!"

Vivian D.
"Very comfortable, clean and nice. She was great and made the overall experience very pleasant. Will definitely be returning"

Kayler S.
"Always a amazing experience when I come here and the outcome of the treatment is worth what it cost. My performance is always way better. Thank you."

Brandy Z.
"Great experience, relaxing atmosphere, worked us in on a Sunday, very competitive pricing, professional staff."

Amy P.
"Great place, clean, affordable, effective. I came for hangover iv and definitely felt loads better."

Meekala S.
"Very warming atmosphere I’ll definitely be back. They also accept Apple Pay"

Kelse J.
"This place was amazing, took really good care of me before Ironman. Highly recommended, excellent staff, friendly owners."

Alex A.
"Highly recommended! Place is so cozy and very relaxing."

Jezzel C.
"My recovery time was faster and I regained my energy back. Thank you Rejuvenate IV Therapy!"

Diego G.
"Went there with my husband and can’t say enough good things about the staff. Great place"

Inna G.
"They have different treatments I really recommend this place … If you want to maintain your health and energy this is the right place."

Yesica A.
"My recovery time was faster and I regained my energy back. Thank you Rejuvenate IV Therapy!"

Mariel D.
Katherine has been the best thing that has happened to me. This facility has treated me with such compassion and care. She is never in a rush and really cares about her patients. She is so intune to my treatment and helping me get better. I will forever be grateful. I absolutely adore her, and Nat. What are you all waiting for? Give this place a try! If you don't need Ketamine get some vitamin infusions and I promise you will feel amazing!

Chelsea F. | Apr 27, 2023