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Combat Anxiety Symptoms with Ketamine Infusions

Apr 07, 2023
Ketamine is a drug that’s been used as an anesthetic for years, but more recently it has been used to treat mental health conditions. Find out how ketamine can treat your anxiety symptoms here.

Ketamine is a drug that was originally used as an anesthetic in the 1960s for its sedating effects. In recent years, it’s been shown to be very effective at treating mental health conditions — including anxiety — in low doses. 

While anxiety is usually treated with medication and psychotherapy, studies suggest that 50% of people living with anxiety find their symptoms to be treatment-resistant. This means that treatments aren’t relieving their anxiety symptoms. 

Research is growing into how ketamine can be used to help alleviate treatment-resistant anxiety, and ketamine infusions have been shown to be helpful in battling anxiety symptoms.

Katherine Go, CRNA, and the rest of our team at Rejuvenate IV Therapy offer ketamine infusions to help you overcome your anxiety symptoms. Here’s how they work and what to expect from a treatment session.

How ketamine works

Ketamine works by increasing the amount of glutamate activity in your brain. Glutamate is a chemical messenger that plays a major role in regulating your mood and adapting to new situations you experience. 

When glutamate is increased in your brain, it allows your brain to be “re-wired,” disrupting old pathways that cause negative patterns of thinking and forming new pathways that lead to positive thoughts. In turn, this can help reduce anxiety symptoms.

Are you a good candidate for ketamine infusions?

If you have anxiety, and your symptoms haven’t responded to medication and psychotherapy, you may be a good candidate for ketamine infusions at our clinic. We also review your medical history and go over your symptoms to make sure you qualify to receive ketamine infusions.

What to expect from a ketamine infusion session

When you come in to get an infusion, our team sets you up in a comfortable chair before attaching an intravenous (IV) line into your arm to deliver the ketamine to your bloodstream. Our team monitors you throughout your treatment and then has you stay 15 minutes after it’s complete to let you process the whole experience.

After the procedure, you need someone to drive you home, as you’ll feel drowsy and have slower reflexes. You may also experience some nausea and increased heart rate for a few hours afterwards. 

To relieve symptoms from anxiety, you can expect to get six infusions over a period of two weeks.

If you’ve been experiencing anxiety symptoms that aren’t responding to treatment, you could qualify to receive ketamine infusions at Rejuvenate IV Therapy located in Spring, Texas. To set up an appointment, or to get more information about ketamine, contact our office by giving us a call or by using our online booking tool today.