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Is Ketamine a Safe Treatment?

Jul 06, 2023
Because ketamine is a newer treatment method for mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, you might be wondering about its safety. We review why it is indeed safe, under proper supervision, here.

Ketamine is becoming a more popular treatment for those with treatment-resistant mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. 

Ketamine has been used for many years as an anesthetic. In more recent years, it’s been shown to reduce the effects and symptoms of mental health disorders, especially depression and suicidal thoughts. 

However, ketamine can also be misused for its hallucinogenic properties. Ketamine has been known to sedate and cause short-term memory loss, disassociation, and euphoria. Because ketamine can have these adverse effects, it’s only natural to wonder if it’s safe.

At Rejuvenate IV Therapy in Spring, Texas, Katherine Go, CRNA, and the rest of our team offer ketamine infusions, and we want you to understand why getting ketamine infusions to treat your anxiety or depression is a safe and effective treatment procedure.

Why ketamine is a safe treatment

Because ketamine has been used for treating mental health disorders in more recent years, there isn't as much data available as for other tried-and-true treatments like antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications and therapy. 

This can cause concerns surrounding its safety. While there are concerns about whether or not it can be addictive or cause other side effects like bladder dysfunction, studies show that these effects are especially rare and only happen when high doses are given or there’s little-to-no supervision. 

As long as you’re supervised and receive the correct dosage of ketamine, it’s a perfectly safe treatment and can immediately reduce many of the symptoms of depression, such as feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. 

While you may experience some mild side effects like drowsiness, nausea, or dizziness, most people agree that these side effects pale in comparison to the relief they get from their depression symptoms.

What to expect from a ketamine infusion

Ketamine infusions are never a first-line of treatment for conditions like anxiety and depression. However, if other, conservative treatment methods have been unsuccessful in reducing your symptoms, then you can be considered for ketamine.

When you come in for a ketamine infusion at Rejuvenate IV Therapy, our team makes sure that you’re comfortable before starting an IV drip that delivers the ketamine to your body.

After the infusion is done, Katherine Go monitors you to make sure you don’t have any severe reactions to the ketamine. She also gives you the opportunity to verbally process your experience. 

If you do have any adverse reactions to the ketamine, she adjusts your infusion rate to make sure that it’s safe for you to continue using.

To find out if you qualify for ketamine infusions at Rejuvenate IV Therapy, contact our team today to set up a consultation, either over the phone or online.